Corporate United's Synergy and the "Procurement Blues"

I’m dashing out of Orlando in an hour or so and leaving Sapphire for Corporate United’s Synergy event in Chicago. For those who have never been, Synergy nearly always pulls in a list of excellent speakers (e.g., David Nelson a couple of years back). But the event is small enough (200-250 people) to provide great networking. And it’s free to boot! On Monday night back in Chicago, I was part of a jam session with Corporate United's Jeffrey Goldford, who moonlights as a professional singer songwriter. I attempted to back him up on bass for a rousing version of his “Procurement Blues” at a pre-party for the event. It was my first time playing in fifteen years, but I had a great time. Perhaps this recording will make it online at some point.

Here's a preview of some of the lyrics that Jeffrey wrote:

"My supplier's wife is calling,
She gotta take her lexus back
Now her baby's gone bankrupt,
She better take her Lexus back
Now they outsource me to china,
My margins can't get any slack ..."

Now that's the procurement blues!

Jason Busch

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