Geraint John — Welcoming a New Blogger

I'd like to offer a belated welcome to Geraint John, Editor of CPO Agenda, to the blogosphere. Geraint, who comes from a journalism background, knows how to mix up an expert op/ed style with factual reporting and analysis -- a recipe for an excellent rss cocktail if he devotes enough time to his newfound blogging habit. Geraint and I had the chance to catch up and watch the White Sox lose their shirts this week when he was in Chicago for the Corporate United Synergy event. I personally have tremendous respect for what he's been able to accomplish with CPO Agenda and look forward to seeing how he integrates his blog into the mix.

A recent post might be a recipe for what is to come. In it, he weaves together narrative and reporting from a firsthand account of a press conference with Siemens CPO, CEO and CFO. As a lead in, he suggests that Siemens, CPO, Barbara Kux, "one of the top 50 most powerful women in world business, according to Fortune magazine" served the role of "leading lady" in the press conference whereas "CFO Joe Kaeser was reduced to the role of supporting actor, speaking only briefly a couple of times later in the hour-long event to answer journalists' questions."

Geraint opines that: "Now there's something else you don't see every day -- especially when the main purpose was to present results and give a half-year update on the company's business performance." Indeed. But Siemens is far ahead of most companies on the continent in understanding the potential of procurement to deliver huge cost savings. As is CPO Agenda and Geraint's new blog in delivering a level of perceptive executive insight that no other procurement-focused publication in the sector currently approaches.

Jason Busch

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