The SAP SRM 7.0 Series Starts Tomorrow

2005 was a fascinating year. I went to Wikipedia and recently pulled out these various events: Lance Armstrong won his record 7th straight Tour de France before his scheduled retirement; the Trials of Saddam Hussein began; the International Olympic Committee awarded the 2012 Summer Olympics to London; and North Korea agreed to stop building nuclear weapons in exchange for aid and cooperation (they certainly keep their promises, don't they). But 2005 was also an important year for another reason -- 2005 was the last year SAP introduced a new core eProcurement platform, SRM 5.0. That's right -- SAP's last major release was four years ago. Which explains, in large part, why best of breed providers in the eProcurement sector are still delivering a strong showing against SAP today.

But will best of breed success begin to slow with SAP's new SRM 7.0 release? Tomorrow morning, we'll start a mini-series review of SAP SRM 7.0 that looks at the evolution of the product set, the features and enhancements that made it into SRM 7.0 and how the product stacks up in the market. Stay tuned. This time, we promise to keep our promises and not go nuclear. In the immortal words of Dear Leader, "Great ideology creates great times." But the question of whether great ideology -- heck, it had better be great because they had four years to plan for the launch -- creates great products is something else entirely. Stay tuned as our analysis begins.

Jason Busch

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