CVM Introduces a Promising New Solution: Supplier Central

CVM Solutions, a provider initially known for supplier diversity that has successfully branched out into a number of areas, was out in full force at ISM this year (as usual) with a giant booth. Unfortunately, I doubt their investment -- like those of others -- will pay-off as it did previous years, thanks to reduced travel budgets and down attendance at trade shows in general. Alas, this is a shame, because at the show, CVM demoed a new product, Supplier Central, that they'll be releasing next month (you can learn more about it from the link to CVM's website). Supplier Central joins Aravo and others as a core tool to manage many facets of supplier information -- from supplier credentials to basic risk indicators (batched, not real-time) to supplier performance and beyond. Even though some of the marketing diagrams, approach and content appear quite similar to Aravo on CVM's website, the actual application itself is quite different in look, feel and relative strengths/weaknesses. I'll be spending a lot more time digging into the application in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

- Jason Busch

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