Friday Rant: CPO Agenda Cuts To Its Very Core

I received a call from a friend and colleague, Geraint John, late yesterday afternoon. For the past few years Geraint has almost singlehandedly built CPO Agenda into one of the more influential publications in the sector. Formerly Editor of Supply Management before moving full-time to CPO Agenda, Geraint has covered the Spend Management sector for years as one of its top global editors (if not the top editor). But his most recent volume and edition is past him now, as Geraint called to let me know that he was being let go for cost cutting reasons. I'm sure the irony of cutting out the one editor in the space who is closer to more of the world's top CPOs focused on cost reduction than anyone else will not be lost on many. Without Geraint, CPO Agenda will continue on without the editorial leadership that helped it break free of the mediocrity that represents so much of the trade reporting and analysis in our sector. His style, his network and his editorial eye helped CPO Agenda create an entirely new class of print and online publication in our sector.

I am not sure what the future of CPO Agenda without Geraint will bring. It is a contract publication that Redactive Media Group publishes for the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPs) and I believe that they have a continuing obligation -- as with Supply Management -- to continue publishing. Let's hope that they can preserve the great work Geraint started. On a more important note today, I am sure that Geraint will have an extremely bright future in our sector. It was not that long ago that my old friend, Tim Minahan, made the transition from journalism to the analyst world and eventually to leading marketing and strategy for one of the largest providers in the market. I hope for the sake of the quality of journalism in our sector that Geraint stays active as a reporter and editor. But should he chose to leverage his skills elsewhere, I have no doubt his future will be bright indeed. He certainly has a good role model to follow should he head in a different direction.

Jason Busch

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