An Update on Spend Matters Sponsorships

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an entry that only two sponsorships remained available noting that "this time last year, Spend Matters had only four sponsors. Now we have ten." As of this afternoon, we have 11 committed sponsors with all 8 Associate Sponsorships spoken for and one Lead Sponsorship available.

Since the note in May promoting the remaining slots -- now slot -- we've received significant interest from potential Lead Sponsors (including some who have put in for budget requests), but nothing is signed and sealed as yet. If you're interested in the last available Lead Sponsorship -- strictly limited to 4, as it has been since the inception -- I would strongly suggest reviewing the benefits of sponsorship on the second page of this post in a timely manner. While there's no doubt that sponsorships will become available again at some point in the future, I don’t know when that will occur.

If it helps you to better understand our research and coverage agenda for the remaining six months of the year in making a decision, here are the emerging areas we plan to emphasize (in addition to what we already cover extensively): services procurement (both contingent labor and other services), supplier information management (including enrichment/content, risk, diversity, sustainability), global sourcing and global supplier markets directories and research, the overall direction of ERP providers in the sector and procurement outsourcing (including both BPO and KPO).

There has never been a more prescient time for providers to showcase their offerings and be ‘top of mind’ and there is no better value or forum in which to do so than Spend Matters.

Spend Matters Lead Sponsorship

1. Cost: $30K for 6 months, or $57,500 for 12 months with payment terms available

2. Posted logo / link -- a linked company logo on all pages of the Spend Matters blog in the "Lead Sponsor" position (top right & limited to four sponsors at any one time; note exact placement within the Lead Sponsorship section is based on Lead Sponsorship seniority)

3. "Sponsored Content" link to sponsor's thought leadership or announcements (and the ability to change the link on a periodic basis to promote specific content or campaigns)

4. Profile / content listing in the Provider Index (see point 10, below)

5. Three days of advisory/consulting time (domestic travel only) per 12 month period (1 day for a six month sponsorship); international travel time additional (does not include travel costs)

6. Ability to reproduce Spend Matters content for marketing initiatives throughout the sponsorship period (with citation to

7. Participation in two podcasts every six months (or participation in a webcast)

8. Opportunity to participate in content brainstorm phone calls

9. Unlimited phone inquiry / discussion time with Spend Matters Editor and Azul Partners Founder, Jason Busch, throughout each six month period (limited to 60 minutes per call unless pre-scheduled otherwise); NB: this represents a potentially huge bargain during volatile times where rapid insight and analysis can pay dividends like it never has before

10. Lead Sponsors also receive a listing in the Spend Matters Provider Index, a new tab available on the top of the Spend Matters homepage. The listing on the Spend Matters Provider Index includes:

- A link to the your site or a landing page of your choice
- Logo
- A one paragraph description of services provided
- A succinct Spend Matters analysis of the Sponsor (updated on a quarterly basis)
- Links to a recent blog post(s) on the Sponsor (which will be posted on the main site)
- Links to thought leadership (3 pieces maximum at any one time) provided by the Sponsor

If you’d like to learn more about the details, please contact William Busch, VP of Sales and Business Development via email (wbusch (at) spendmatters (dot) com) or by phone: 215-508-7414.

- Jason Busch

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