Spooky Spend — I Could Give You the Line Item Detail, but I'd Have to Kill You

Courtesy of an old friend in the industry, I came across this hilarious but sad little number in Aviation Week that shows the Pentagon has virtually no clue about what they're spending money on in certain areas (my friend gets the hat-tip for the second half of our cynical title). According to the article, "The Pentagon spent more than $2.7 billion on 'miscellaneous items' in 2008 for which the contractor was listed as 'not available'... The 'miscellaneous items' expenditure listing appears to be a catch-all category for Pentagon transactions."

The problem lies with the fact that "the transactions fail to clearly show what the money was spent on". Literally, all detail from the transactions has vanished just as quickly as a Predator can fire a missile at militant opposition groups in some godforsaken part of the world (BTW … the term "terrorist" is no longer considered politically correct). Perhaps much of this spend is classified as the article suggests. But I suppose if you really wanted to see it you could probably dig ten levels beneath the surface at the Pentagon if you had the right security clearance (just don't bring a laptop version of BIQ for drilling around, as that would be grounds for immediate execution).

Jason Busch

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