Bankrupting the Automotive Supply Chain

Even though the Feds will soon be the proud majority holder of Government Motors (led collectively by the best minds in Washington and the UAW), they might be faced with a small problem besides having to eventually deliver returns to shareholders. And that's the fact that many of their suppliers are declaring bankruptcy. According to the above-linked Purchasing article, the most recent additions to the insolvency list are Visteon and Metaldyne who filed for Chapter 11 (which implies restructuring vs. a Chapter 7 liquidation). During the restructuring, Metaldyne will add additional ownership stakes from two PE firms, RHJ International and Carlyle Group.

Looking on the bright side of these filings, perhaps Visteon and Metaldyne are the lucky ones considering that they continue to operate through the restructuring. The same article sites an AT Kearney study that suggests "30% of automotive suppliers in North America, Europe and Asia are at high probability for bankruptcy while another 35% are at elevated risk". Which is further insight to suggest the importance for manufacturers to invest in proactive supply risk monitoring of their extended supply chain (since there is significant overlap in lower tier suppliers across the diversified, A&D and automotive manufacturing base).

Jason Busch

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