Spend Matters Welcomes Spend Radar as an Associate Sponsor

I'm thrilled to announce today that Spend Radar has become an Associate Sponsor of Spend Matters. I know that many of you were curious about the empty radar beacon in the Associate Sponsor area last week (and the temporary landing page that it linked to). Our little mystery ends today as Spend Radar becomes an Associate Sponsor of Spend Matters. I've known the founders of Spend Radar, Brian Daniels and Rod True, for a number of years. Before starting Spend Radar, Brian had previously worked for Ariba, Procuri, Emptoris and Oracle (among others) and Rod was the founder of TrueSource and later an executive at Procuri and Ariba after selling his company to the Atlanta-based SaaS upstart before Ariba acquired them. In their various lives, Brian and Rod observed that companies all too often jumped to the analysis component of spend visibility at the expense of classification and enrichment. They ended up joining forces again to launch Spend Radar based on what they learned in these previous ventures.

Spend Radar aims to supplement existing approaches in the market, taking spend visibility and vendor master data management to the next level by providing a one-stop shop for rapid and highly effective data classification. I've had the chance to try out the toolset myself and Ive got to say, it's simple, straightforward and it works. They've successfully done away with the black box or offshore data factory approach to spend classification, enabling companies (or consultants / outsourcing firms) to manage the process on their own efficiently and effectively. With absolutely no marketing up until now and in less than a year of officially launching the company, they've been able to garner an impressive list of customer names (both Fortune 500 companies and management consulting firms). Given this -- and a new focus on getting the word out -- I have no doubt you'll be hearing a lot more about them in the future. Please join me in welcoming Spend Radar to Spend Matters.

Jason Busch

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