ProcureStaff — Let the Services Procurement Games Begin (Part 3)

In wrapping up this three-part series on ProcureStaff (you can read the initial parts here and here), I'll go into additional detail on their technology solution elements. Like other services procurement solution providers with full lifecycle management capabilities for contingent labor, ProcureStaff provides a range of basic capabilities including supplier management, sourcing / RFQ management, templates, requisitioning, approval, etc. When users log-on to the system, they can immediately see key metrics based upon their profile, functional group and the category of contingent labor spend that they're managing. The home screen provides an entry place for a range of actions which are only a click or two away from such requests as submittals & POs, timecards and expense, reporting and overall system and program administration (if the user possesses the right set of permissions).

Like many other solutions in the market, ProcureStaff includes a set of capabilities that have become standard in the market among first and second tier VMS providers (e.g., built-in compliance that ensures companies do not pay more than agreed-to amounts, flexible and easy to administer change order capabilities, ability to track individual tenure across different suppliers, etc.) ProcureStaff can also include a number of capabilities in specific deployments that take advantage of their knowledge as an MSP including a range of job templates and default skills/descriptions. From an integration standpoint, many of ProcureStaff's customers already have eProcurement deployment systems, and ProcureStaff includes out-of-the box connectors into Ariba and other systems.

When it comes to reporting standpoint, ProcureStaff provides users with business intelligence capabilities that sit on top of their own data as well as that of over 35 Fortune 1000 companies that contribute aggregate information on a daily basis into the company's data warehouse. In part, this is what allows ProcureStaff to deliver a set of powerful knowledge and benchmarking capabilities to users. It also lets ProcureStaff customize deployments and initiatives based upon specific needs. In the case of most new deployments, ProcureStaff starts with what they term a customer "temperature check" measuring their existing performance against data to start identifying areas for improvement out of the gate. In this regard, they might consider such metrics as overall orders, responses, submittal rates, rate of interviews, rate of engagements, rate of orders that go unfilled, reasons for terminations, etc.

Relative to other services procurement providers focused on contingent labor, ProcureStaff stacks up well from an integrated service, intelligence and knowledge delivery perspective. Their VMS platform will most likely prove sufficient for many companies, even if it lacks some of the bells and whistles of some of the better known services procurement platform providers (e.g., Fieldglass, IQNavigator). But their real differentiation and power is in helping companies leverage both their own spend information and live benchmarking data to generate insights and strategies which they can implement, measure and manage to. Considering that ProcureStaff's customer list includes many of the companies that Spend Matters ranks as innovators and early adopters when it comes to overall procurement sophistication, it's no surprise that these types of capabilities and information services are proving appealing to companies looking to maximize their returns from tackling a big piece of the services procurement pie.

Jason Busch

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