Transforming Metals Industry Reporting — MetalMiner Takes Off

In the past couple of months, I've felt that much closer to closing up Spend Matters and living off of my wife and her business partner, Stuart Burns (just kidding on the closing up Spend Matters part, but it would be great to sip pinot all afternoon and leave the money making only to my better half). Problem is, they've not begun to monetize their site just yet, even though average monthly traffic has surpassed 17,000 unique visits of late (more than doubling in the past six months). Lisa has told me their traffic has surpassed Metal Center News and numerous other metal industry publications already -- in just about 18 months since launching. For those who don't know MetalMiner well, the site focuses on providing actionable sourcing and trading intelligence for global metals markets, including both a quantitative metals pricing index and original commentary and content. I happen to believe that MetalMiner's combination of proprietary data, reporting and opinion represents the future of analysis for many commodity sectors.

Why? Because MetalMiner's two main authors approach metals sourcing and trading from a practitioner -- versus a producer -- perspective. All of the other trade publications in the sector live and die off their cozy advertising relationships with producers. But metals buyers are increasingly looking for analysis from a vantage point that matches their own. Given Lisa's and Stuart's background as consultants and traders -- not to mention Lisa's original academic training in journalism and investigative reporting -- I think the site is beginning to stand alone in the metals world as a beacon of non-producer truth and insight.

If you're interested in getting in on the sponsorship ground floor of MetalMiner and reaching an audience of metals buyers that are hungry not only for metals reporting, but analysis, insight and category intelligence, I'd strongly suggest reaching out to them quickly (they list contact details on the right of the site). I suspect that in the next year as mining companies, producers and distributors wake up to how their customers are getting information from new sources like MetalMiner, that the prime advertising and sponsorship slots will be taken.

Jason Busch

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