Volt Consulting – MSP and ProcureStaff Technologies Join Spend Matters as Lead Sponsors

I'm very excited to announce tonight that Volt Consulting - Managed Service Programs and ProcureStaff Technologies have joined Spend Matters as Lead Sponsors. Volt Consulting - Managed Service Programs, a leading provider of human capital supply chain management services, and ProcureStaff technologies, an independent enterprise human capital management software solution, have joined Spend Matters as Lead Sponsors. The particular entrance of these two providers to the Spend Matters sponsorship family is extremely meaningful to me on two levels.

First, it signifies the importance and elevation of services procurement as an integral member of of the overall Spend Management market. Volt Consulting - MSP and ProcureStaff Technologies are among the first of what I suspect will ultimately be a number of MSP and VMS providers that aggressively attempt to understand and serve the needs of procurement organizations as their definitive customers, among other consumers of services procurement in the enterprise. My research and reference checks of their customers earlier this year confirms their comprehension of the specific needs of procurement executives. In fact, in one reference call with a customer, the CPO served as the reference -- something I've not seen before with other services procurement vendors that typically work with someone slightly lower down the company food chain on a daily basis.

Second, the sponsorship signifies the growing influence of Spend Management thinking on the broader organization -- IT, HR, finance and operations. Services procurement touches us all, yet for the most part, still represents a tremendous opportunity to reduce costs, improve quality and drive a major component of talent management in our business. This sponsorship is validation not only of the Spend Matters audience taking significant interest in the subject, but more important, of the broader organization embracing Spend Management thinking when it comes to services spend and beyond.

Please join me in offering a warm welcome to Volt Consulting - Managed Service Programs and ProcureStaff Technologies as they join the Spend Matters sponsor community. And look for sustained coverage of the services procurement market as we continue to ramp up our analysis in this arena. I'm sure that we'll continue to create a bit of controversy along the way -- just as we have recently -- but I think we can all agree that the services opportunity is too big to not put a critical, Spend Management eye to.

Jason Busch

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