Guest Video: Enhancing Supplier Liquidity to Reduce Supply Risk — the CIT Fallout

Last week on Supply Excellence, Ariba supply chain finance guru Drew Hofler gave his take on the effect of the anticipated CIT bankruptcy on the thousands of small and medium-sized suppliers who rely on single sources of funding to fuel their operations. Noting the risk inherent in tying themselves to traditional sources of capital that in today’s economy have been dramatically reduced -- if not eliminated altogether -- Hofler outlined alternative sources of funding that are available in the market which suppliers can tap to reduce their risk and lower the cost of accessing the capital they need to stay afloat.

Today on Spend Matters, Drew provides and exclusive deep dive into some of these options, including: buyer/supplier collaboration, third-party financing and receivables auctioning. I’d like to thank Drew and the Ariba team for responding to my quick request for some expert third-party analysis on the area. Take it away, Drew …

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