Spend Matters — What's In Store? (Part 1)

Spend Matters reached a milestone last week. We signed up our 4th Lead Sponsor -- and that's in addition to the other eight Associate Sponsors. But in my view, our commercial traction is only one form of validation of Spend Matters on the procurement and supply chain community. The more important things I'm concerned with, reach and influence, are what keep me up at night versus resting on the laurels of our traction and growth. In the past couple of months, our traffic -- as measured by unique visitors -- has increased 20%+ on average. People are spending more and more time on the site (6+ minutes on average recently) and I'm hearing from many in the market that we're increasingly better read among practitioners at all levels (not just the younger procurement types who are into blogs and the older executives who "get it", but the entire function, middle management included).

In part because of this traction, we plan to continue to expand our offerings to both providers and practitioners. For the vendor and investment communities, we'll be launching a number of new research and training offerings that examine specific deal-flow activities, buying trends and how best to tie current solutions and products -- not to mention investment hypotheses -- to current customer needs and wants.

We'll also be launching one-day and two-day training and workshop programs to practitioners, consultants and outsourcing firms that examine the competitive landscapes in individual Spend Management solution areas and then provide actionable, group-driven recommendations based on individual circumstances around package selection (for both internal and, in the case of consultants and outsourcers, client use). And for all readers, regardless of position in the market on either the "seller" or "consumer" side of Spend Management technologies and services, we'll be launching a Speakers Bureau featuring half a dozen expert speakers that you'll be able to source for events from a single place, each with their own deep expertise (e.g., supplier performance and risk management, procurement transformation leadership, etc.)

Of course the blog will continue as well, at the same if not greater publishing pace that you've seen this year. We'll also continue to introduce new voices into the mix (e.g., I’m still looking for the protectionist counter to my free market leanings, for example, but I've not found anyone who can string together rationale Spend Management arguments in favor of protectionism as of yet). In summary, look for more of the same where it's needed as well as a number of new and exciting initiatives designed to complement other resources in the market based on what we think is needed most.

Jason Busch

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