Finally, a Blog Dedicated to Supply Risk: Aravo’s @Risk

Despite the fact supply risk has been one of the top priorities for many procurement and operations executives for the past 12 months, there's not been a single site out there dedicated to examining it on a full time basis. At least until now. Earlier today, a package (made from recycled paper, not surprisingly) arrived in my mailbox, announcing the launch of Aravo's new supply risk blog, @Risk. Inside the recyclable mailer was a business card introducing the @Risk blog along with a container of hand sanitizer (let's hope it did not come from Clarcon). How appropriate an enticement, I thought, as the concept of wiping out supply risk just as quickly as a non-contaminated Ethyl Alcohol spray can kill millions of germs came to mind. But anyone can do good PR. The real question to ask is whether the blog is worth your time (or not) to check out on a regular basis.

In this regard, the answer is most certainly yes. It's lead author, Kevin Cornish, serves as Vice President and CTO of Aravo. Even though he's managing a team of developers now, he's worked in supply chain management for many years. In his words, "during that time I've witnessed the nearly exponential growth of expectations for better, faster, and cheaper supply chain delivery coupled with an explosion of complexity in supply chains themselves -- both contributing to increased risk". In Kevin's view, @Risk "is a way to voice my own concern and passion for supplier risk, draw attention to the good, the bad, and the downright scary, and hopefully drive some meaningful conversations and debate about the way forward".

Let's hope he keeps up the effort. Because so far, Kevin's doing a bang up job surfacing and opining on many areas of supply risk that in today's turbulent financial climate, many of us are overlooking until it’s too late. These topics include ingredient safety, swine flu, child labor and many other risk-related topics that could be just as damaging to a business as a key supplier going belly-up. At the end of the day -- and at the end of each post -- the ultimate measure of a good business blog is whether or not it starts or contributes to a broader conversation that we all need to be involved in to improve our company's performance. So far @Risk is dong just this. Let's hope Kevin and Aravo keep it up.

Jason Busch

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