Sometimes More Than Spend Matters — Vacation Bound

Tomorrow morning at 5:00 AM, the Busch/Reisman household is departing for two weeks of R&R. Now, if driving nearly 3000 miles with Caillou -- don't ask, it's a French Canadian Brainwashing experiment to turn our kids into obnoxious brats who feel entitled to everything -- blaring from the entertainment system of a minivan can be described as relaxing, I’m not entirely sure. And while I can say with near certainty that the trip will bring its moments -- as all family vacations do -- I really am looking forward to unplugging. In fact, I’ve made a promise to myself to stay away from Spend Matters. While I doubt I’ll be able to keep it, I have queued up a tremendous amount of new content and ideas to keep this thing going. I’ve probably got some 20,000 words and some 40 posts in the queue. Maybe more.

In any event, please don't expect my general level of response or participation in the comment stream -- or to emails or voicemails for that matter. I'm also making myself unavailable to chat with clients and colleagues in the sector. Unless of course they want to go fishing at the Jersey shore or raise a pint of Yuengling, toasting the benefits of brewed in America supplier diversity, bitter style.

Some might ask why -- how could you leave us hanging? I've decided to take this break because Spend Matters is nearly five years old at this point and I've realized that I've never succeeded in taking more than a day or two off from it (as someone once suggested, my goal sometimes appears to be to personally make up the worldwide productivity lost from the 35 hour work week in France). But this time, I'm really going to try to stay away. Anyone want to place a bet on whether or not I can unplug? I'd bet against it, but at least I'll give it a shot. However if I fail, at least there's an AC/DC outlet in the back of my trusty Honda to plug into.

See you all in September. Or somewhere on I-95.

Jason Busch

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