2009 Best of Spend Matters: China

Spend Matters has published over 615 postings since January 1, 2009. As we embark upon the un-official last weekend of Summer, I thought it might be interesting to peruse some of our China coverage. It was for me at least. And perhaps you'll think so too:

China: Metals for Sale at Any Price?

The China Export Crash

Does China Need a New Miracle?

The Future of China -- A Great Debate

China Risk Rising: The Sino-Organic Roots of the Peanut Crisis and Beyond

Suppliers, Payment Terms and China

Do All Roads Still Lead to China?

Closing the Trade Door -- Turning Inward and Losing Out

From SIG, Proof that China Sourcing is Alive and Well

Alibaba -- Is China Really Still the Top Supplier to Global Buyers?

Ethics, China and the Future of Global Sourcing Standards

Lead Paint: Costing Mattel and the Toy Industry More Than Just $2.3 Million

China's PR Quality Problem

China's Export Policy Shift -- Chinese Information Asymmetry Strikes Again

China, North Korea, and Vanadium -- World Trade and Weapons Proliferation Supply Watch

The Bubble Tea Scandal: China Sickens its Own, Again

How China Really Feels About the US and World Affairs

William Busch

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