2009 Best of Spend Matters: Friday's Rants

Our Friday Rants have become a staple of Spend Matters’ virtual weekly fare. They're irreverent, cynical, funny, heartfelt and even obnoxious at times -- and we love them. Here are some of the most popular from 2009 so far:

Friday Rant: The Emptoris Deal and What it Means for Customers

Friday Rant: Reading Into the Analyst Layoffs

Friday Rant: Don't be a SaaS Bigot

Friday Rant: SAP -- Pull the Trigger on Ariba

Friday Rant: Of Waves, Quadrants and Vendor Comparisons

Friday Rant: Re-thinking Company Loyalty -- and vice-versa

Friday Rant: Strategic Sourcing Rules -- Clevenger is Wrong

Friday Rant: Payment Matters

Friday Rant: What's to Come for Ariba?

Friday Rant: Boeing's Bad Outsourcing Dream

Friday Rant: Lessons I Learned From Dating -- Flirting With Your Suppliers

William Busch

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