Spend Matters: An Associate Sponsor Position Has Opened Up

Earlier today, a Spend Matters Associate Sponsorship became available. While all these positions have been filled for a number of months -- we limit the number of Associate Sponsors to 8 at any one time -- there might be other openings in early 2010 (or not -- we can't predict demand). I suspect this spot, however, will not last for long and there's expressed interest in it already. However, to give everyone a fair shot, I wanted to send out a quick post announcing its availability. If you're curious and would like to learn more, please get in touch with our VP of Sales and Business Development: William Busch (wbusch (at) spendmatters (dot) com). General inquiries on how our models work on a longer-term basis are always welcome, but I would not wait for long to reach out on the current opportunity.

As a final aside, I've been getting a number of questions on our comparative traffic stats recently. Even though I think absolute traffic is the wrong measure for sites -- especially those like Spend Matters which I believe matter primarily because of their influence in certain circles -- it might surprise people to see how we not only stack up to other media sites but also our 2009 growth trends. If you're curious, check out Spend Matters latest background PDF. The short of it is that Spend Matters has become one of the top (number one or number two) information and media sites in the procurement and supply chain world and continues to grow at a rapid clip.

Jason Busch

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