Giving Thanks for a Free State Dinner

Even though like many other entrepreneurs and business owners who feel that the socialists in the Executive and Legislative branches of government in Washington -- come on, I challenge you to tell me that the proposals on the board are anything but socialist in flavor -- are about to crash our hard working party and expropriate an absurd share of our profits to fund their wasteful and ineffective spending measures, I’ve got to hand it to some of their supporters, who literally just crashed a state dinner party dinner at Tax Payer expense. The government may be about to have free-lunch after free-lunch on the backs of folks like me who work 65+ hours every week (including Thanksgiving morning) and are considered “rich” and under-taxed, but at least someone had the ingenuity to get a free hot meal served up from the Whitehouse kitchen. For this, I'm thankful (better that these two dine on my tax dollars than the Hollywood contingent who were invited to the affair for all their fundraising work).

Jason Busch

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