Aravo's Tim Albinson Responds to Spend Matters

Editor's note: Aravo's Tim Albinson asked if he could have the chance to issue a formal response to this post from earlier today. After I agreed to turn over the virtual pen, he sent me this.


Thanks for the great write-up -- you do an excellent job of encapsulating the exciting developments here at Aravo.

I agree with your comment that the SIM market is still relatively early in its development. Many companies have yet to realize the full benefit of a SIM transformation and Aravo is engaged with hundreds of such firms as we speak. While Aravo created the SIM space/acronym in 2005, it has only been in the past 18-24 months that we've seen broad market acceptance for the category. A key validation point for the space was the announcement of our global SIM initiative at GE. Today, however, we are seeing broad acceptance of the SIM category among analysts, competitors, media, clients and prospects. In fact, we now regularly see RFPs with SIM in the title -- and this is something we're very proud of here at Aravo.

One minor clarification on your post -- Aravo has no intention of "moving on" in terms of our continued focus and leadership in the SIM space we pioneered. We continue to make significant investment in developing new SIM products and services, such as our new Aravo Risk product which was built on top of our core SIM application. Moreover, we have multiple SIM product announcements planned for 2010, and are busy at work building new SIM features and functionality to meet the needs of global enterprises. But perhaps most important, we believe that the next 12 months will realize a level of enthusiasm and interest in SIM technologies that will not be duplicated in other categories of SaaS or enterprise software.

Having said this, we do, however, plan to enhance and expand our current SIM application by delivering new and exciting collaborative capabilities powered by a combination of Aravo and Cisco technologies, such as WebEx. These capabilities will power new levels of collaboration within Aravo SIM and will greatly enrich buyer-supplier interactions. We call this new suite of functionality enterprise supplier collaboration or ESC. Stay tuned for more details in Q1 2010.


Tim Albinson
CEO, Aravo

Spend Matters would like to thank Tim for clarifying his company's positioning and direction.

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