Shameless Plug: MetalMiner Turns Two

MetalMiner, Spend Matters' sister publication focused on metals sourcing, turned two today. Three years younger than Spend Matters, the site is nonetheless following in the virtual steps of this digital rag, quickly catching up with and overtaking established publications and media sites in its sector. Looked at from a traffic perspective compared with other procurement and sourcing blogs, MetalMiner is now the second most trafficked new media site besides Spend Matters in the sector. But our sister-publication is not gunning to capture a generic slice of the procurement and supply chain market. No, they’re going after an underserved but huge niche -- meeting the market intelligence and content needs of metals buyers, specifically.

These folks crave such things as detailed price forecasts and expert commodity analysis rather than "I told you so" alerts about price movements in one direction or another. They’re looking for edge, insight and opinion. And they're also looking for proprietary (yet free) content such as the daily global metals pricing available by registering for MetalMiner IndX. MetalMiner provides both insight and industry color in spades from a "voice of the buyer" perspective that is lacking in traditional publications and subscription services, many of which have served as mouthpieces for producers and distributors for decades. Just as Spend Matters is written by a collection of folks with an edge, opinion and knowledge of sourcing and supply chain, MetalMiner is authored in a similar voice by metals sourcing and trading experts.

Whereas journalists are non-practitioners writing about a subject and analysts come from the ivory tower, columnists like Lisa Reisman and Stuart Burns have been there and done that, as the saying goes. They've shipped containers of metal on their own accounts. And they've negotiated preferred pricing and supply agreements with global mills. Moreover, they've bailed out failed metals category sourcing programs after Big 5 firms bungled things up by sending in non-experts. In other words, they write from experience and share a little bit of themselves each and everyday. Ironically, FreeMarkets, my old employer, tried to hire Lisa away from Andersen at the time to be their metals expert as the firm started expanding in the late nineties. She turned it down. But the rest is history (and we still met anyway*).

The next 12 months promises to be an exciting period in history for MetalMiner as it continues to sign on new sponsors and build out new metals intelligence services. In the New Year, I am going to dedicate some of my time to helping MetalMiner build out its commercial offerings given how they’ve only just started to monetize all the traffic the site gets. While I believe some of the best long-term sponsors for the site will be producers, distributors, banks and others in the metals ecosystem, the site is also a great fit with software companies, consultants, outsourcers and marketplaces looking to start a conversation with the most influential and largest industrial companies in the world, nearly all of whom are registered on the site and pricing index and read it weekly, if not daily.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of sponsoring or advertising on MetalMiner and connecting with both senior procurement and supply chain practitioners directly, drop me a line directly: jbusch (at) spendmatters (dot) com. I am personally going to evangelize the word in helping MetalMiner to get its next few sponsors -- they signed up their first sponsor a few weeks back -- on board and would welcome the chance to tell you more about what Spend Matters’ sister publication has to offer from a demand creation and branding perspective.

* In full disclosure, Lisa Reisman and Jason Busch are married. But they don't share the same P&L -- that would be grounds for a Tiger-like situation.

- Jason Busch

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