Healthcare and the Supply Chain: The End of the Year Deal No One Can Afford

The end of the calendar year is fast approaching and no doubt some suppliers will be offering terrific deals in the hopes of moving their sales numbers closer to their annual targets. The Congress, especially the Senate, is hard at work preparing their own end-of-the year deal in an effort to pass health-care reform before 2009 becomes "last year." Fortunately for those who read this, the deal your suppliers offer could not possibly be worse than what the Senate seems to be cooking up. Purchasing people hear lots of savings stories from suppliers that, while not outright lies, test the limits of Webster's own imagination. But these too cannot hold a candle to what the is being prepared in the halls of Congress. We are supposed to believe that the Medicare program, which at its current run rate will be insolvent in 2017, can have the age of coverage lowered to 55, add as many as thirty million new customers, be cut by close to $500 billion over ten years, still provide the same level of service to senior citizens and extend the life of the program by as much as nine years. It just doesn't seem possible.... but what If?

It's been years since I wrote a letter to Santa, but if Congress can dream big, so can I.

Dear Santa,
I want it all!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of the readers of SpendMatters.

Lynn James Everard

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