Downing Store-Brand Eggnog … Spend Matters Holiday Plans

In addition to trying to enjoy a few days off in the coming weeks, I'm also planning to make sure that the content stays fresh and exciting on Spend Matters. To this end, I'll be introducing a new voice into the mix, Joy Campbell, who will be taking over my blog-babysitting duties while I’m taking a break (and horror of horrors, going on a Disney cruise for a few days with the family). Joy has served as chief copy editor of Spend Matters the past few weeks and so far has done an excellent job. We go back quite a ways. When I first worked in the management-consulting business, we used to have team members called "graphics assistants."

That was back in the day when consultants were expected to just think, and to keep the heavy lifting to a minimum, outside of creating Excel spreadsheets and giving presentations. We weren't even responsible for producing our own slides (we handed bullet points, sketches, concepts and flip charts to specialists who took over from there). In any event, that's how I met Joy, when she was a graphics assistant on my team. She started bossing me around from day one and quickly earned my respect with her quick wit and outstanding editing and writing abilities. Not to mention the fact she treated me like a younger brother, giving me a hard time over things as often as possible, finding ways to razz me in the process.

[Joy here, Gentle Spend Matters Readers. One of the perqs of being copy editor is the ability to sneak in like this when Jason isn't looking. When Jason was hired for the Boston firm he mentions, it's true: I (and others) took great pleasure in taunting him. He was a sort of boy genius, an odd combination of Old School stuffiness and incredible thoughtfulness. We called him our Little Capitalist, and he took our barbs with good humor, even inviting a friend and I to his house for a "Beers Of The World" party. But that's another story ... maybe one I'll relate once Jason is safely floating off the coast of Florida, mouse ears firmly attached...]

In any event, fast-forward over ten years and it turns out Joy had fled Boston for reasons that will go unnoted and was living in the same cold and corrupt city as I. Over an excellent South Indian meal, we figured out some initial areas on which we could collaborate, and the rest is history. I've asked Joy to pull together a number of "best of" posts from Spend Matters in the coming weeks to highlight some of the better material and themes throughout the year. They'll range from the mundane (e.g., best of SAP, best of Oracle, best of Ariba) to the fun (e.g., best of Friday rants). Stay tuned to see what Joy picks out. And oh yeah … you’ll still have my voice to contend with. I've written ahead for much of the time, so count on a good post or two from me each day as well. In the meantime, here's to a calm couple of weeks, cheap eggnog, and good family time before the January storm hits. Happy holidays and please, go out and spend some money (wisely of course) to get our economy moving!

Jason Busch

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