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Hello, Spend Matters Readers: Joy here. While Jason is away, he's entrusted his column to my care. While I'm not yet drunk with power, I am a little tipsy, but perhaps that's just because he's also entrusted me with the key to his liquor cabinet. Well, sort of. I mean, it was on his desk. In plain sight. Behind the picture of his kids. And you know, this $500 bottle of port really is very tasty.

Jason very thoughtfully provided new material for you to read in his absence, but he also wanted to give you some of the Best of Spend Matters. Now, those of you who know Jason know he frequently has SAP on the brain. He's often heard muttering about Sapphire or SRM. In fact, on his wedding day he inadvertently said, "I take you, SAP..." He's still paying for that one. Paying big. So here at the Best of Spend Matters, an encore of selected Spend Matters SAP posts just for you.

It's Alive -- SAP SRM 7.0 in Depth (Part 1)

It's Alive -- SAP SRM 7.0 in Depth (Part 2)

It's Alive -- SAP SRM 7.0 in Depth (Part 3)

It's Alive -- SAP SRM 7.0 in Depth (Part 4)

Spend Matters Perspectives: SAP SRM 7.0 -- The Wait’s Over, But Is It Worth It?

So You've Evaluted SAP SRM 7.0 and You're Not Sold -- You Do Have Options ...

There's Not One SAP Hosted Partner Model -- The Differences of IBX and Hubwoo

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