Best of Spend Humor: of Sugar Daddies, Prenups, and Trickle Down

For those of you feeling the financial pressures of the season, here's some perspective for you. I read this for the first time recently and laughed. Ah, the fickle ways in which spend logic toys with us mortals. It's amusing that a man whose life is about controlling spend can be so blindered when it comes to something as obvious as, oh, a 36-year-old countess. As for the countess, a woman who insists she needs $53K per week to support herself (that's right, per WEEK), before we sneer or cast judgment, let's consider: That $53K per week will pay for a limousine driver, estheticians at her local spa, a travel agent's commission, the salaries of a pilot and several air hosts, the employees that staff her three residences, numerous chefs and waitstaff, and countless poor salesclerks at Bergdoff's.

So on one hand, we have the supposed spend genius who stands to lose more than $43 million in exchange for a humiliating marriage and subsequent divorce (a news flash for you over-60 rich boys: no matter how virile you think you are, there's only one Clint Eastwood. So when those young women come sniffing around, it's not your Mature Sex Appeal they're after).

On the other hand, we have The Predator Wears Prada who, for all of her extravagance (indeed, because of it) will get a swank stress-free life, and in the process will support a small army of service employees. Who's the spend genius now? -- Joy

United Spendologies -- How George David Failed to Control His Wife's Spend

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