Best of Spend Matters: More Friday Rants

Today is the last day of Jason's Disney Cruise, a sort of combination floating all-ages show and playground. One hopes that the floor shows, complete with all manner of Disney characters, will preoccupy the kids enough to allow Jason and his wife, Lisa, a strong cocktail or three at the bar. If not, perhaps a review of more rants is in order. --Joy

Friday Rant: Reverse Auctions Have Become the Aero-Bars of Sourcing

Friday Rant and SIG Dispatch: Newt's Got me Thinking ... < Friday Rant: Certifications and Training Alone are Not the Answer to Career Growth

Friday Rant -- What If You Had Only One Shot to Get Everything Right?

Friday Rant: Rebound or Not, Now is the Time to Shine

Friday Rant: Boeing's Bad Outsourcing Dream

Friday Rant: With Technology Choice Comes Responsibility That Many Aren't Ready For

Friday Rant -- Listen to Your Customers, Please!

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