The Metals Money Honey? Features MetalMiner's Lisa Reisman

Earlier this week, my better half did an interview with Fox Business on the metals markets. While the primary audience was most certainly more of a financial crowd, the insights Lisa shared are highly applicable to metals buyers looking at where the markets are headed. Check out Lisa's insights below:

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I’m hoping both Spend Matters and MetalMiner become more involved in video going forward. Whether it’s through major networks or independently -- or both -- I think video is turning into a more acceptable and useful medium for organizations to quickly come up to speed on relevant spend topics.

I would also like to see more procurement and sourcing category experts complement the sell-side Wall Street analysts as commentators on markets ranging from metals to energy to transportation to staffing/contingent labor more frequently. Lisa, along with Ariba’s Mike Petro, are two of the most eloquent speakers on metals I’ve come across (many others in the field from outside of a procurement perspective tend to be brusque and represent only a financial or producer viewpoint).

I’m sure the same holds true for other commodity market areas as well. Now, perhaps, web TV and cable business news networks will give us a chance to voice the view of those actually consuming commodities vs. simply relying on financial experts to comment on the economic and trading angles. After all, if the ISM indices, despite their flaws, are still considered one of the gold standards of economic activity, shouldn’t expert category sourcing voice be as well when it comes to individual commodities?

Jason Busch

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