Ivalua joins Spend Matters as an Associate Sponsor

I'm very excited to announce today that Ivalua has become an Associate Sponsor of Spend Matters. Ivalua (which I recently began to review on Spend Matters) is a European-based Spend Management provider currently expanding into North America, and was the first to jump at the opening. Ivalua's timing was perfect: we knew only a few of days ago that the opening was coming available, and had not had time to advertise it to the broader community. Because Spend Matters limits the number of sponsorship slots -- 4 in the case of Lead Sponsors, 8 in the case of Associate Sponsors -- they tend to be snatched up quite rapidly when they become available. While I don't have much of a choice over who elects to sponsor Spend Matters, it's absolutely a treat when a sponsor brings a truly fresh perspective to the sector. Ivalua is a case in point.

This is a vendor clearly on the move, and beginning to make a targeted name for itself in circles where most have yet to hear about what it has to offer. Moreover, some organizations are switching to -- and standardizing on -- Ivalua after having worked with previous providers in different areas. I recently wrote that "one large multinational industrial company has standardized on Ivalua for sourcing, spend, and supplier management activities, replacing eight separate sourcing tools it previously used throughout various divisions and geographies. While Ivalua's global capabilities are no doubt part of the reason for this, I was pleasantly surprised during a demonstration at how much it could orient its solutions to particular industry challenges (e.g., industrial manufacturing)."

It's not very often that I get to learn -- and now work with -- an upstart provider with a Spend Management footprint that's both broad and deep, stretching from up-front analysis to eProcurement and supplier-performance management. Most providers at Ivalua's stage of development tend to deliver a narrower solution. Given this, Ivalua is further proof that the Spend Management market is far from mature. It's also proof that it's possible to go broad and deep at the same time without the size and scale of large incumbent providers, successfully serving the needs of large multinational clients across the Spend Management spectrum. Exciting stuff. Please join me in welcoming Ivalua to the Spend Matters community!

Jason Busch

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