Spend Matters: A Lead Sponsorship Spot is Open

Spend Matters 2010 has hit the ground running. We're on track to meet our internal goal of doubling our revenue run-rate by Spring through the introduction of new research, advisory and lead generation offerings that you'll be hearing more about in the next week. We also extended a full-time offer of employment this weekend to someone we hope will become a key player in nurturing our continual growth. And most important, in the past few weeks since the New Year began, we've maintained the traffic levels that helped catapult us to the top of the rankings for procurement and supply chain sites in 2009 (Spend Matters, Purchasing.com, and ISM are all around the same size if you triangulate from multiple ranking sites). This has continued to help our sponsors drive name and brand visibility, increase qualified traffic, identify new channel partners and expand the lead funnel. But as long-time Spend Matters readers know, we limit the number of sponsors on the site at any one time to 12 (8 Associate Sponsors and 4 Lead Sponsors). Just today, a Lead Sponsor opening became available.

Lead Sponsor positions do not open up very often (and when they do, it's often on a yearly cycle). We typically fill available spots within a matter of days or weeks. Associate Sponsor slots, which become available more frequently owing to the number available, have recently been placed under contract in a matter or hours (or even before an opening is announced on Spend Matters). If you're curious to learn more, Spend Matters Lead Sponsorship is a discounted bundled offering for organizations that not only want premier logo placement to drive branding and demand creation programs but also wish to take advantage of bundled Spend Matters advisory and inquiry services, conference/event speaking, forthcoming (new) demand creation programs and research, webinar and podcast participation and much more. For 2010, we've added some new components to the program, making it what we believe to be the best value out there for providers looking to integrate Spend Matters as a key component of their marketing efforts and strategy.

If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of Lead Sponsorship, please contact William Busch, Spend Matters' VP of Business Development: wbusch (at) spendmatters (dot) com. And stay tuned for two announcements in the next week about new ways of leveraging Spend Matters.

Jason Busch

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