Selecting a VMS/Services Procurement Technology Platform (Spend Matters Compass)

It's been a long-time in the in the making, but I'm very excited to announce the formal launch of Spend Matters Compass today. The first series launch focuses entirely on contingent and services procurement technology (subsequent series will tackle different themes). The first series theme, The Services Spending Revolution: Gaining Visibility, Control and Saving, will span four different topics -- each releasing in February and March -- but the first brief, available today, is titled: Selecting Services Procurement Technology -- Options, Approaches, and Philosophy. The three remaining topics in the series are:

  • Beyond Contingent Labor -- The Roll of Broader Services Categories in an Overall Services Spend Management Program
  • The Managed Services Connection -- The Evolving Role of MSPs in the Contingent Spending Ecosystem
  • Making Procurement a Services Spend Ally -- Tips and Tactics for Winning Over the Business

For the first brief in the initial Compass series, we explore in detail the types of requirements that companies should consider when selecting a vendor management system (VMS) and/or broader services procurement technology based on the specific requirements of each individual organization. For example, there are situations where a top-tier VMS such as Beeline, Fieldglasss, IQNavigator or Peopleclick Authoria (and possibly Provade or ProcureStaff Technologies, depending on requirements) might be more appropriate from a functional and program management perspective than a broader services procurement platform offered by a Ariba and Emptoris (which in turn may be more appropriate than VMS specialists in an environment where non-contingent and SOW services categories are the focus).

In short, our findings suggest there is no one-size fits all approach to services procurement technology. Functional breadth/depth, integration, analytics capabilities and a range of other factors that we explore in detail in the Compass brief should guide company decision criteria. The good news, especially on the VMS side of the services procurement equation, is that there are a number of solid choices to consider, despite the functional nuances of individual offerings. How will you prioritize the criteria that should guide an optimal services procurement technology platform selection process? Download the fist Spend Matters Compass brief today and find out.

Jason Busch

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