What Are Consumers Spending Money On?

Last week we featured an intro to low-cost automated phone surveys using InstantLoop. This week, we'll examine how to quickly look at some consumer-spending trends.

- Ryder Daniels, Capsaicin, LLC

Bundle is a new service that uses a node-based taxonomy metaphor to provide fast, simple visualization tools for exploring consumer spending habits all the way down to a zip-code level. It also allows for the comparison of different demographic data including age, income, and household. What is the percentage of income spent on electronics vs. restaurants? At which retailers do consumers spend most? What about transportation vs. house and home costs? How does healthcare stack up against charity?

Bundle's data comes from "... the U.S. government, from anonymous and aggregated spending transactions from Citi, and from third party data providers." There's also a useful "Discovery" section, and an active community that addresses spending and consumer issues. Bundle is also planning to explore how consumers save in the coming months. With the beta, data is updated quarterly.

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