Aluminum and Stainless Pricing and Trends: Spend Matters / MetalMiner Webinar Series Kicks Off

Next week will mark a milestone in the shared office of Spend Matters and MetalMiner. On Wednesday, March 10th, from 9am to 10am CST, we’ll be hosting our first webinar (versus just participating in another organization’s broadcast). While Spend Matters initial webinar on the P2P and the supplier management landscape will not take place until later in March or April, I’d strongly suggest, if you’re a manufacturer or any organization that buys metals, that you tune in next week to MetalMiner’s inaugural online webinar focused on forecasting price and related trends in the aluminum and stainless markets. Titled Q2 Metal Market Update Webinar -- Aluminum and Stainless Steel the free webinar promises to provide an overview of trends in both markets including “raw material costs, global supply and demand, with a special emphasis on Asian demand.”

Earlier this morning, I asked Lisa Reisman, the co-host of the webinar, to preview a bit of the content and here’s what she told me: “Among other areas, Stuart Burns and I will look at how stainless has behaved differently than many of the base metals. The timing of when the stainless market peaked was not inline with other metals and they’re some key drivers as to why this happened which can help us understand where the market is headed. We also plan to have a discussion centered on the rise of exchange traded funded funds (ETFs) and their impact on aluminum, in particular. In addition, we plan to talk about the perilous state of the macroeconomic environment on a global basis and its huge ramifications on where metals prices will go in 2010. Last, we’ve also invited Tony Amabile of TW Metals, a specialist distributor, to comment on some of the domestic demands trends, lead times, scrap market implications, etc.”

In short, the webinar will provide attendees with both context and actionable insights for their metals sourcing strategies. You can register to attend the free webinar here. There are a maximum 500 spots for attendees so if you plan to attend, we’d suggest you register early. This promises to be the first of a number of webinars that Spend Matters and MetalMiner plan to collaborate on this year. In the meantime, if you are a metals buyer who is less than satisfied with either the cost or the level of actionable sourcing intelligence in existing CRU, MEPS, GFMS and Metal Bulletin reports, you owe it to yourself to check out MetalMiner’s 2010 Price Perspectives series covering steel, aluminum, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, stainless steel and platinum/palladium/rhodium, tin, gold/silver, aerospace alloys and ferro alloys. In contrast to other analyst reports in the market, MetalMiner pricing perspectives are written by metals sourcing experts -- versus career analysts or journalists -- with an eye to driving implementable savings and risk mitigation strategies at all levels in the global metals supply chain.

Jason Busch

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