Spend Horses — Joining Forces With Sir Fersht on the Research Side

You might have missed this announcement last week that there is a new force of nature in the boring and stodgy industry analyst world. My good friend Phil Fersht--he's only "good" when he’s buying the first round, mind you--has decided to leave the provider world and go back to his roots as an analyst. While one of the rumors surrounding his departure from Cognizant circles back to a rejection of a single malt on an expense report submission, I'd recommend you don't believe the hype. Phil, the analyst, is for real, and my guess is that every day away from the advisory world was one where he felt he was not fully leveraging his skills set--and above all, what he enjoyed doing most.

In striking out on his own, Phil is leveraging his Horses for Sources blog into a research and analyst brand. He recently shared his strategy around this move on, you guessed it, his blog, noting that "while there's tons of great content floating around out there, there really isn't one entity that has brought together researchers and real practitioners, with real experience, to focus purely on researching BPO and global sourcing as a pure analyst organization, that doesn't broker deals or write vendor white papers. Some of the sourcing advisors deliver excellent thought-leadership, and they deserve credit for driving the sourcing industry over the last few years. The large analyst shops have stuck to their IT knitting and have largely overlooked BPO--they service IT vendors and IT users. Investing heavily in sales and research to service finance, HR, procurement and other operations professionals desperate to learn more about outsourcing (not solely IT), is not something any of the large traditional analyst firms have done."

I plan to work with Phil in helping cover the procurement BPO market. Our particular skill sets (particular at getting someone else to pick up our tabs at the pub) are particularly suited for this mission: procurement expertise combined with outsourcing know-how. In terms of what form our joint efforts will take, I'll leave you hanging for another week or two. But you'll definitely see joint research show up under the Horses brand as well as Spend Matters. I also plan to help Phil support his clients in the procurement BPO area when called for duty.

For further insight and analysis into the announcement of Horses for Sources as a new research and analyst brand, check out the press release linked above. Phil will be joined by Lee Coulter, Mindy Blodgett, and Bruce McCracken, who will cover different areas of the BPO market. In addition, "expert contributors to Horses…[will also] include Jason Busch on procurement and strategic sourcing and Yasha Stelzner on human resources and talent strategies. Additional staff announcements are expected shortly." Exciting stuff. Especially if Phil approves my single malt tab when I'm on official Horses business.

Jason Busch

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