A Busy Week on the Spend Matters Research Front

Even though I can think of a million ways to divide the time in my day between different initiatives, the area that's been capturing the highest amount of my attention recently falls into the research arena. Indeed, Spend Matters Compass, our new research offering, is helping establish Spend Matters as more than just a blog or research site -- we're becoming a new type of analyst research house in our own right. In fact, I spent part of the weekend looking at the editorial calendars of other analyst and advisory shops and realized our comparative research agenda was even more ambitious than I realized. Alas, we'll see how much of it we get to by the end of the year, but already, just a few weeks into the program, we will have launched four separate research briefs. This week we're announcing the availability of the third research brief in Compass Series 1 on services procurement, as well as the initial brief for Compass Series 2, a collection of research labeled: Spend Visibility and Beyond -- Analytics Broader Role in Procurement, Risk Management and the Supply Chain (for the high-level planned research calendar for the year, please click here).

If you want a sneak peek, you can download the third paper in Compass Series 1, Making Procurement a Services Spend Ally: Tips and Tactics for Winning over Business Stakeholders and Spend Owners, today (the official launch is tomorrow and I'll plan to share more information on it then). The paper was inspired by a series of lectures and client projects I did years ago on how to effectively market procurement inside companies. Even though the content is certainly more qualitative and higher-level than some of the in-the-trenches technology and related analysis depth from earlier in Compass Series 1, I'm hoping it will provide some useful tips and tactics for winning over business stakeholders in services procurement categories. I've personally used some of the techniques and approaches we outline in the paper with excellent results in the past.

The second Compass Research brief we'll be launching this week kicks off Compass Series 2, focused on analytics and procurement. In the first paper in this series (going live on Wednesday) we examine how analytics plays a critical role in supply chain risk analysis, outlining how companies should think about incorporating different analytical components into their supply risk efforts. We also segment the supply risk management market and outline what different vendors have to offer from an analytics perspective, as well as best (and worst) practices for looking at supplier risk information. I've not seen an analysis of the supply risk market in this way before and I hope it will provide a useful primer for all procurement, operations and finance organizations tackling supply risk, regardless of where they are on the adoption curve. Later in Compass Series 2, we'll examine spend analysis and P2P analytics, among other areas. Stay tuned for these briefs later this month and in April. There are still a handful of spots left for vendors who are interested in sponsoring either series to gain access to the lead list from those that download the research (and to have your name associated with best-in-class research in the area, not to mention gaining visibility on Spend Matters). Contact William Busch (wbusch (at) spendmatters (dot) com) for more information.

Jason Busch

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