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Global IT brands urged to be more accountable for pollution in China supply chain.

Promises of production cleanliness at home are becoming lost in overseas translation, and supply chains for various IT products are dirtier than ever, spiked with dangerously high lead and cadmium levels, which is in turn killing or making sick thousands of children. How can we, as procurement professionals, ensure safety in all aspects of our supply chains, near and far? See this article as well, regarding the effects of cadmium.

Crisp, fresh, and wrangled with E.coli

In other dirty supply chain news, Freshway Foods is recalling lettuce sold in 23 states after it has sickened 19 people. "Experience tells us that the point of contamination is likely at the farm level, which can then be spread during the entire processing chain," [FDA spokesperson] Ira Allen said. From a product substitution angle, we've got another take: who needs fiber in your diet when you have E.coli? Just kidding. This is not a laughing matter, especially considering that E.coli can be deadly for certain demographics.

Quotes from the Reuter's Manufacturing Summit

Top manufacturing executives expressed confidence that the U.S. economy will continue to recover from its worst downturn in decades, though they expect slow growth ahead.

Click here to see what they had to say, including a take on why this was the "SAP recession."

Security first: India ponders an indigenous (and government created) OS

"It's prudent for the government to develop an open source-based operating system on which it has total control. Codes for even anti-virus software and processors are available which can be customised," said a technical head of a US-based network security giant.

It seems that the West/East dichotomy may be flipping, or possibly, evening out? How do we feel about outsourcing our IT and software enterprises to be run under the control of an unknown and untested software system?

Jason received the following e-mail forward today:

Dear Colleagues:

As you may already know, Purchaser [I'm sure he meant Purchasing] Magazine (www.purchasing.com) ceased operations last week.

Probably because our names are so close, a rumor is circulating that our website is closing.

This is not true - rest assured we are alive and well, growing, and here to stay.

Best regards,

Rod Sherkin, President

Propurchaser News Services

Hmmm. That clears that up, I suppose.

Sheena Moore

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