@spendmatters — Putting Our Twitter Game Face (back) On

For those who followed Spend Matters' (@spendmatters) Twitter account for the past few months, I know it's been a quiet time from an update/tweet perspective. A few recent conversations with folks ten years my junior, however, convinced me to once again consider the advantages of this new medium from a business perspective. Both of the young people I spoke to took Spend Matters' absence on Twitter for a general quiet period on the blog itself, but when they checked the site, they were surprised to see more new content than ever before -- and this despite the fact we had entirely ignored trumpeting our news and opinions on Twitter.

These interactions fully convinced me of the need to stay more current with Twitter. So I summoned Sheena Moore, Spend Matters' relatively new editor, to the corner of our small office and told her to take the lead with Twitter updates around Spend Matters posts (and to also toss in a few other relevant things as she finds them). It would be my job, just as it is on the blog in many ways, to add some additional color and flavor to our Twitter account outside of just sharing the news. And so far, less than a week back into it, it's been fun -- and even controversial -- to say the least.

One night last week over dinner, someone gave me a hard time over a few critical words I mentioned about a presentation that I had posted on the Twitter feed earlier during the day, words that did not make it into a longer post until this morning. In fact, this person wasn't even in the Twitter target demographic. He was significantly more senior and of a different generation than one you would expect to stay current with their Twitter feeds. This individual, along with others I suppose, has been won over by Twitter for a few reasons. For one, Twitter is unfiltered. What I say on it is truly spur of the moment. It's also honest and fast -- the words have no time to go through an editorial process. And for those who use Twitter as their general RSS reader to locate articles, content and people of interest, it's a replacement for a number of other tools they previously had to use.

Twitter may not be everyone's cup of RSS tea. It's taken me time to embrace the medium wholeheartedly from a business perspective. But I really do get it now. So start following us on Twitter for the true Spend Matters experience: up to the minute, unfiltered and even more candid than ever...unless, of course, this happens again.

- Jason Busch

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