Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee

Go while the Euro's low...

The Euro drops to 18-month low on growth worries, says Reuters, letting us know that we need to secure our seatbelts and hold on tight to the currency volatility rollercoaster. May as well also hop a plane to le sud de France while the Euro's low, though...

SAP goes mobile

Germany's SAP buys Sybase for $5.8bn

Jim Hagemann Snabe, joint chief executive of SAP says, "We want to make sure SAP solutions can be accessed from all leading mobile devices. The acquisition of Sybase will allow us and our partners to do just that." It'll also allow some viable competition against current market leader Oracle.

Bling bling...

Luxury spending rebounds, at least for those who can truly afford it, according to The Chicago Tribune. The wealthiest of the wealthy are refueling the yacht and stocking it with Krug and Veuve, but "the more pressing problem is that aspirational shoppers -- those consumers who are well-to-do but not quite wealthy -- have yet to return to the luxury market and show no signs of coming back."

Wait, so people are learning to spend within their means? These will never be mine???!

Speaking of luxury spending...for all you baseball fans...

Buy the field of dreams. Yes, that Field of Dreams.

Happy Friday, all.

Sheena Moore

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