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afternoon coffeeThe New "In" Thing Inside the Beltway -- Federal In-Sourcing

Federal "in-sourcing" plan draws mixed reviews -- Adecco Government Solutions of Alexandria is talking with the federal government about ways it can assist agencies staff positions without drawing from contractors, said Gary McDonough, vice president for strategic account acquisitions

Who needs a VMS and MSP when you have, well, a pick of unlimited employees? Forget services procurement and qualified contract labor -- file this one in "there are certain jobs only a true bureaucrat could do..."

Nervous about the Euro debt crisis? Don't buy gold, Tiberius suggests.

Commodities May Rebound 17%, Tiberius Says: Technical Analysis -- "Commodity prices may rebound about 17 percent by the end of the year as a 'technical sell signal' is reversed, according to Tiberius Asset Management AG. The Dow Jones-UBS Commodity Index Total Return of 19 raw materials will reach 300 points by the end of the year, the Zug, Switzerland-based company said in a report."

Stay away from those shiny gold bars, too: "Much more advisable, in our opinion, would be a flight to other tangible assets that are in short supply due the economic recovery: crude oil, copper, industry-related precious metals, and individual agriculturals such as corn and coffee," Tiberius wrote in its report. I do drink a LOT of coffee...

Buy from China -- because you have to?

Foreign Companies Chafe at China's Restrictions, says the New York Times. "Surveys by Western chambers of commerce of executives show growing disenchantment in the last year and a sense that doing business in China, never easy, is growing harder," the article states.

Thoughts on Chinese "nationalist economics?" Look over to MetalMiner in the next couple weeks for extensive coverage on this subject.

Speaking of China...

Europe's Debt Crisis Casts a Shadow Over China

Wait, the Chinese central government can't fully control one element of its market? Shame, shame.

A Houston Event on May 18th -- Tackling Sourcing, Category Management and the Future of Procurement

See Jason speak in Houston tomorrow. He said he promised to be well-behaved...

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