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Over the weekend, we decided to take a look at Spend Matters traffic growth in recent months. We were surprised to find what we did -- Spend Matters has become twice as large, from a traffic standpoint, as the nearest media (or blog) site in the sector according to third-party reference ranking sites and our own data. And if we add MetalMiner traffic, our sister publication, to Spend Matters -- which will be more closely integrated with Spend Matters in the future -- we're three times as large as the closest media sites focused on procurement and supply chain. In short, we've established ourselves as more than a blog. Spend Matters has become the largest place for commentary, news and deep analysis in procurement and supply chain. Moreover, our technology and services analyses are helping shape not just customer buying decisions today, but the shape of the solutions market to come.

We're not just sitting idle, however. We sense opportunity. With the dissolution of Purchasing, we are looking for new ways to advance growth by covering the news on a daily basis (e.g., Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee). We are also adding new contributors into the mix whose voices, we believe, will further enhance value and relevance for Spend Matters' readers.

While practitioners (approximately 60%), consultants and vendors predominate among our readership, we also reach media and analysts who come to Spend Matters first when conducting their own research -- "influencing the influencers" if you will. And while fully 60% of our reach is to North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America comprise the balance. We also believe we're the first or second best read online site in the UK and English speaking markets in Europe based on Alexa regional traffic comparisons.

All of which brings me to the matter of sponsorship. Simply stated, Spend Matters is the most prescient medium through which to impact the global procurement sector. Even with the added traffic boost we have seen in recent months, we are keeping pricing at the levels we established at the beginning of the year (see Jason's unique Lead Sponsorship offer). If your organization's market share and penetration has room to grow and can benefit from enhanced thought leadership, branding and targeted lead generation -- not to mention Jason's and the team's insightful and currently informed expertise -- Spend Matters warrants more than consideration than ever before when allocating your demand creation and advertising spend.

Please feel free to reach out for further discussion: William Busch, VP of Business Development, wbusch(at)spendmatters(dot)com or 215.508.7414.

William Busch

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