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Bringin' it all back home

Federal "in-sourcing" plan draws mixed reviews -- "As contracting advocates ready for a fight over the government's policies to move more work in-house, at least one local company is taking an enterprising approach."

Jason constantly launches into diatribes about how in-sourcing is really just a Washington conspiracy to create 30,000 new Democrats for life. Anybody want my job? This is the type of stuff I have to deal with at Spend Matters HQ...there was some pretty good fax machine drama today too.

Here, beer, and everywhere

SABMiller Latin America Looks to Reduce Costs and Improve Service Levels with JDA Solutions -- One of the World's Largest Brewers Selects Transportation and Logistics Management Solutions and Agile Business Process Platform

Cool -- but their suds will still be tasteless -- good SCM can only do so much!

Borrow away, small businesses

New Credit Initiative to Boost Lending to Small Businesses -- The U.S. Treasury Department on Tuesday unveiled a grant initiative that could spur billions in lending to small businesses and help small, minority-owned firms.

Will small business lending reduce supply risk? Maybe the Feds are doing something right for once!

Take five calming minutes...

In light of the crazy stock tumble on May 6, The SEC is going to implement "Circuit Breakers," that would "halt trading in a stock for five minutes, if it fell more than 10% in five minutes." SEC chairman Mary Schapiro said the plan will prevent volatility. The circuit breakers "would also increase market transparency, bolster investor protection and bring uniformity to decisions regarding trading halts in individual securities."

Hmm. Finals week looms. Maybe I can implement "circuit breakers" on my professors.

In light of Jason's recent critique of Gartner's presentation aesthetics

It's ok to be informal on Twitter, according to English professor Anne Trubeck. As a preservationist who still goes to the LIBRARY (as in, the real building, with real stacks) from time to time to do her academic research instead of doing it all online, I have to say that young as I am, PLEASE PRESERVE GRAMMAR, SPELLING, AND CORRECT PUNCTUATION. In all mediums, all formats, all the time. Well, maybe not texting...

And finally, just because I like tennis, and I love poetry, and this is ridiculously 19th Century English

Wimbledon appoints its first official poet.


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