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From palm oil to packaging...

Nestlé Building Socially Responsible Supply Chain -- I posted earlier this week about Nestlé's partnership with The Forest Trust, "the global non-profit organization [that] will help Nestlé build responsible supply chains by identifying and addressing embedded social and environmental issues. Nestlé is the first global consumer goods company to become a TFT member."

This is all very well and good, but what if the whole world just gave up candy? Then we could cut out obesity AND not have to worry about green supply chains for chocolate -- we'd just eat more green things instead.

Ford is green with envy, too.

Ford said Thursday that it will start a project to survey its 35 top global supply chain partners to estimate their energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

There seems to be a curious intersection between design / collaboration software (PTC) and the supply chain. Will this become a trend going forward?

Boeing's on the up and up.

Boeing Considers Production Increase -- Boeing Co.'s chief executive said Thursday that the company is "effectively sold out" of new commercial aircraft through 2012 and might consider boosting production again to meet customer demand.

When I was little, my parents (who have both worked at Boeing since the late 70's) used to get to periodically head out to the factory in Everett and test the emergency slide evacuation systems on the new airplanes. This hasn't happened for over a decade, but perhaps soon, they can slide again...and I'd be just as jealous now as I was then.

First blood diamonds -- Now Obama's cracking down on blood tungsten, tin, tantalum and gold.

Obama Administration Urges Industry to Stop Using Conflict Minerals -- Last Friday the Associated Press reported the US State Department met with industry leaders to "discuss ways to ensure their products do not contain minerals illicitly mined in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, or DRC."

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