Friday Courtesy Bow — CPO Rising

My hat goes off to Andrew Bartolini this afternoon, a former Aberdeen analyst turned independent who continues to produce what's quickly become one of the most fun and informative blogs in the sector, CPO Rising. It's great to see a new and active voice such as Andrew's in this domain. I even appreciate his good-natured ribbing of my former experience with Vista in a recent post (and yes Andrew, we still get around 1200 page-views -- 1% or less of total traffic per month -- from that entry though that was never the intent). In any event, here's to keeping up the good work you've started and continuing to add a much needed perspective in the market. I also think that we can all learn a thing or two from your great site design which complements the insights in the content quite well. Most of us fail to use visuals enough in presenting content in a creative way that captures our audience and gets them to remember our ideas. I think you're succeeding at this integrated content/visual medium in a way that's working wonderfully (and keeps me coming back). We plan to adapt some elements of this on Spend Matters sometime this summer, although hopefully in a different way such that we're not stepping on your toes.

Jason Busch

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