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No more monopoly on social networking!

Taking on Facebook: as users worry about their privacy rights, competitors step in to fill the gap. "A handful of start-ups are eyeing the social networking industry with renewed interest," according to this article in the NYT. "Right now is the perfect time for us," said Leo Shimizu, co-founder of a company called Pip.io, which he describes as a social operating system. "People are starting to understand the limitations of Facebook while we're showing off a product with features that everybody is wanting and didn't know existed."

With the death of Friendster, MySpace, and the like, I'm curious to see how these new start ups will be able to differentiate themselves enough to possibly become viable competitors.

Capitalism vs. Mercantilism: Go.

U.S. Presses China on Trade -- "Transparency in rule making and standard setting, non-discrimination, fair access to sales to private sector and government purchasers alike, the strong enforcement of intellectual property rights are all vitally important in the 21st century global economy," said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

For the West...but what about the East? Is our Orientalist world flipping on its head? (Sorry, I'm writing a final paper on Orientalism right now...)

DHL -- A 3PL gets in on the procurement outsourcing game.

DHL Launches Integrated Procurement Outsourcing to Help Governments Slash Deficits and Businesses Drive Down Costs -- DHL, the world's leading logistics group, has today launched a procurement outsourcing service designed to help public and private sector organisations around the world achieve substantial cost-savings through transformational sourcing of products and services. It will work in concert with DHL's other service capabilities to create new integrated services to further deliver value to customers.

More coverage on this later in the week!

Watch your contracts, eh?

City officials in Calgary are defending their contract process after an auditor's report raised a number a questions about how contracts are awarded. The city's auditor, Tracy McTaggart, says tips came in through the whistleblower program alleging breach of policy and impropriety by some city employees.

We call this one buy-side flaming out -- stick to hockey, guys, OK??

The Little Bull that Could...

IBM's Sterling Commerce Deal -- This morning, IBM bought Sterling. Check back for more analysis on this deal later in the week. Might this be a warm-up for IBM considering getting into the supplier network business?

This little editor sprained her finger in the first softball of the season yesterday (after hitting a pretty sweet double and making a nice catch in right field, natch)...so posts this week are labors of love. At least the middle finger splint makes for some interesting hand gestures...

Sheena Moore

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