Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee

Prioritizing procurement initiatives in a time of cut backs...

Learn all about the "Purchasing Impact Matrix (PIM)". Looks like a case of procurement activity triage -- when you've got to sacrifice some spend patients for the greater good.

When Chinese Workers Strike Japanese OEMS

Honda gives in and raises wages following Foshan strike -- Workers complain that company officials beat them. Labour relations in China become tenser. Sociological profile of workers is changing. Most are from one-child families, want more and are not prepared to be treated like robots.

Honda has capitulated on wage increases, leading one to wonder whether there's a double standard among workers and labor in China among striking Chinese-owned facilities (and government-owned companies) -- versus foreign ones like Honda.

The Economist blog on the danger signs of a commodity meltdown

What are commodities telling us? asks The Economist. "Economic fundamentals, not speculation, are driving the market. One theory is that the massive Chinese stimulus allowed that country's companies to stockpile raw materials last year; they have now more than met their needs."

And..."If commodities are a signal of an economic double-dip, do other markets support their message? Well, the Treasury 10-year yield has fallen from 4% to 3.3% in recent weeks and there has been the equity market correction."

In other words, those hoping for a complete recovery better start hoping harder.

Sheena Moore

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