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On Mines and Minerals...

Re-Sourcing China's Resources -- "Beijing has built a resources strategy on the premise that the market is a fickle supplier and the best way to ensure the world's fastest-growing economy gets the resources it needs is to secure its own supply chain from the earth's crust on up. Wouldn't you know, the capitalist West now is giving China reason to think it was right, superficially at least. And China happens to be perfectly situated to capitalize on it."

Are they right to grin over our "Western" foibles...?

Are manufacturing jobs coming back to the US?

Check out this interview... -- "Obviously, outsourcing is still going on. Whirlpool recently closed down its Indiana plant and sent 1,100 jobs to Mexico. What might have you said to Whirlpool if you were part of their outsourcing discussion?" "Grant Thornton did a survey in January 2010, which stated 51 percent of companies say offshoring had no or a negative impact on their ROI. So if I wanted to convince a company why they should reshore, I would say, 'More than half of those who offshored said it didn't do them any good, and yet you're absolutely committed to doing it. Are you sure?'"

On-Shoring and Near-shoring strikes back -- the total cost angle adds up the further away you go.

Marin County is Shooting the ERP messenger: Deloitte

Marin County sues Deloitte: Alleges fraud on SAP project -- "Marin County on Friday filed a lawsuit against Deloitte Consulting alleging fraud related to an SAP ERP software implementation the county said is still not working four years after it initially went live. In its lawsuit, filed Marin County Superior Court, the county is asking for actual and compensatory damages of at least $30 million, along with unspecified punitive and, or exemplary damages and interest."

The last thing you ever want to do is buy a system you don't know how to use -- and you can never expect a consulting firm or software company to give you all the expertise you need. Ultimately the tax payers should be up in arms at their local officials as much as SAP and Delloite.

Market, you're overreacting!

Commodities: Time To Go Long and Physical -- "The current momentum of key commodities including oil, copper and gold should be moving higher. This will happen as soon as investors feel less nervous about the Greek and European drama with the euro gaining support from four major central banks today, and signals of continuing easy monetary policy around the world."

A good article for where we should forecast towards while standing in today's volatile market.

Sheena Moore

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