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New! Procurement Outsourcing Research Courtesy of Everest

Check it out here -- "The mature FAO market is getting increasingly competitive with players vying to carve out unique value propositions to differentiate themselves. On the other hand, the nascent PO market is quite dynamic, characterized by new players entering the market, revised value propositions and significant alliance activity."

CombineNet gets funding.

CombineNet Receives Capital Investment from Alta Communications -- "CombineNet, the leading provider of advanced sourcing and optimization technologies, announced today that private equity firm Alta Communications, along with previous CombineNet investors, is providing a significant capital investment that will enable it to drive innovative product development and growth in the delivery of eSourcing and supply management solutions."

Rumor is (stay tuned) that there is far more to this than just the funding round. A significant shift in strategy, workforce reduction, etc. potentially associated with this down-round doesn't really come across in the press release...

BP isn't the only company trying to save face...

Ex-Massey Miner: Safety Gripes Led To Firing -- "A former Massey Energy coal miner has filed a federal whistle-blower complaint, claiming he was fired after complaining about unsafe conditions at two Massey mines in West Virginia, NPR News has learned. One of the coal mines is Upper Big Branch, where an explosion killed 29 workers April 5."

We've seen how the media is in the process of bashing BP's public image. Is Massey Energy next?

Ariba is upping their network fees...

And we're covering exactly what that entails. Stay tuned for an in-depth look at Ariba's proposed changes, and what that means for your organization.

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