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Steal all you can steal...

US Army procurement contract scam exposed -- "Two US military officials deployed to Afghanistan, two Department of Defense (DOD) contractors and a contracting company have all been charged for alleged bribery and money laundering offences."

So what's going to happen when the US decides they want to capitalize on this? See what Lisa thinks over on MetalMiner.

Making Execs Media Savvy: When the CPO Goes Into the Spotlight

When the CPO gets a request for a quote -- "CPOs have a central role to play in protecting organisational reputation by planning how they will react to a supply chain crisis."

Reputations are always vulnerable, no matter how upstanding. It's critical for a CPO to realize this, and to have a plan in place for reputation mitigation, should supply chain disaster strike and reputations come on the line.

Is oil on the up?

Oil May Rise on Signs of Global Economic Rebound, Survey Shows -- "Fifteen of 36 analysts, or 42 percent, forecast oil will increase through June 18. Nine respondents, or 25 percent, predicted that futures will be little changed and 12, or 33 percent, said the contract will decline. Last week, 43 percent of analysts said there would be a gain in prices."

Deflation? Or...

A tale of two inflations... -- "The crisis in Europe is causing concerns about deflation in the U.S. and other developed economies after weeks of financial-market turmoil. The fears are most pronounced in Europe, where a combination of spending cuts and tax increases could weigh on economic growth and feed into deflation."

What, exactly, is a biflation? Read the article for an extremely interesting opinion.

Sheena Moore

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