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Basware and Lavante hook up.

We received a press release today that announced that Basware and Lavante are partnering. "Basware, the global leader in purchase-to-pay solutions, and Lavante, the leading provider of on-demand profit recovery and supplier information management (SIM) solutions, today announced their agreement to enter into a strategic partnership. The combination of Basware's enterprise purchase-to-pay solutions and Lavante's suite of SIM tools will enable Fortune 1000 companies to drive efficiencies throughout the purchase-to-pay process and maximize their return on investment."

More supply risk mitigation!

Members of Past Disaster Panels See Recurring Pattern -- "The oil industry needs to create a safety organization modeled on one that has improved operations at nuclear-power plants, the co-chairman of a presidential commission investigating the Gulf of Mexico spill said.

William K. Reilly, a Republican and former administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency under the first President Bush, said an organization modeled on "Inpo"--the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations--wouldn't be a substitute for stronger federal oversight but could "create the safety culture that's needed" in offshore drilling."

It seems to be the same thing over and over with "disasters" such as the current oil spill, Three Mile Island, and the Challenger explosion: "an over-reliance on complicated technology that fails, human error and lax oversight by regulators." Cutting corners may be a short term fix, but it can sure lead to long-term clean up.

Canada's not happy with US Steel.

US Steel Ordered to Pay Fines For Idling Canadian Stelco Facilities -- Check out the article over on our sister site, MetalMiner. This article is worth reading too, for an afternoon chuckle.

Inspecting where you eat...

U.S. Drops Inspector of Food in China -- "Federal officials say the banned inspector, the Organic Crop Improvement Association, used employees of a Chinese government agency to inspect state-controlled farms and food processing facilities. The group, based in Nebraska and known by the initials O.C.I.A., has for years been one of the leading inspectors of Chinese organics for the United States market. Anticipating the department's action, the group shut most of its operations last year."

With all the recalls and safety concerns in China right now, it's good to see some more regulation on this.

Sheena Moore

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