Largest Ever Legal Sourcing Benchmark Study: Procurement Respondents Needed!

Of the 564 people who submitted data for the largest legal sourcing benchmarking survey ever, only a handful were from sourcing or procurement groups. This is surprising, since they should want to know whether the expenditures of the legal function (at least the external expenditures) are in line with peer companies.

Almost two thirds of those who initially took the online survey (63%) are general counsel. The next largest group of respondents consists of lawyers who report directly to the general counsel (16%). The third most frequent are law department managers (Chief Operating Officers, 8%).

Among the remainder are lawyers who do not report directly to the general counsel (4%), others in the legal department (paralegals, admins, 6%), and a scattering from each of Finance (2%), Procurement (1%), Compliance, Marketing & Communications, and Human Resources.

Other functions care about legal staffing and spending, notably finance (and its subset of purchasing), compliance and human resources. Oddly, however, procurement has barely taken advantage of this offering.

Understand legal spend better. Join nearly 500 other law departments. Take part in the benchmark study by clicking here for the confidential, online survey that asks for fundamental 2009 metrics of staff and spending.

Rees Morrison

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